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Dual-Action Cleanse

Dual-Action Cleanse

Standard Order - Buy 1 Box

Dual-Action Cleanse - Standard Order - Buy 1 Box


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Dual-Action Cleanse - 1 Box Monthly Autoship


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Dual-Action Cleanse - Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Product Description

Dual Action Cleanse has a Proprietary Blend of 33 Cleansing Herbs that Helps Support a Healthy Colon, Helps Cleanse your Vital Organs, and Helps to Eliminate Bloating while Increasing Energy. Dual Action Cleanse may help remove intestinal build up and remove toxins. Your whole digestive system is responsible for one thing: absorbing nutrients into your bloodstream and getting the wastes or toxins out. Our modern diet of cooked and processed foods causes an accumulation of residue composed of old food, dead cells, and mucus which coats the digestive system, in particular the large intestine (colon). After years of buildup this layer can reach up to 1/4th of an inch in thickness. This may not seem like much, but the intestinal wall where nutrition is absorbed is itself only about a 1/4th of an inch thick.  Due to poor functioning of your digestive system, toxins and waste products build up clog the digestive track. This becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which causes sickness and disease. Dual Action Cleanse may help digestive system gain optimum health by cleansing and detoxifying it.

Dual Action Cleanse All Natural Colon Cleanse

13 Common Symptoms of Toxicity:

  • ad breath or body odor
  • Candida
  • Depression
  • Mental dullness
  • Low energy
  • Stomach bloat or gas
  • Poor digestion
  • Weight gain or unnecessary weight loss
  • Constipation
  • Premature aging, illnesses & degenerative diseases

Your liver can only detoxify so many of these poisons before it becomes overloaded and weak. In some cases, the liver stops functioning altogether, leading to serious diseases like jaundice. A weakened liver also keeps toxins circulating through your blood longer, increasing the level of toxicity. The increase of food-borne and waterborne intestinal parasite infections may be responsible for many illnesses, including stomach flu and chronic fatigue.

Clean Body = Clear Thinking

We can't expect to have sharp minds and luminous spirits when our bodies are polluted. Using Dual Action Cleanse may help. Many people report more clarity, greater alertness, overwhelming joy, incredible insight, and even better sex after cleansing!

Vibrant Health

What is Vibrant Health? People tell us all the time that they have heard of vibrant health but don't really know what it is. Once you have began the Dual Action Cleanse, and start drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices your cells will become very active and if you were to look at your blood under a microscope you will see for yourself.

In fact this effect will produce a vibration throughout your body especially your pineal gland in your brain, creating emotions of happiness eliminating negative emotions. Using Dual Action Cleanse may help you feel energy second to none, leaving you feeling on top of the world!!