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Breathe Pure Air Purifier QOZO-500CT-12

Breathe Pure Air Purifier QOZO-500CT-12

Standard Order - Buy One

Breathe Pure Air Purifier QOZO-500CT-12 - Standard Order - Buy One


Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Breathe Pure Air Purifier QOZO-500CT-12 - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!


Product Description

This small but very powerful unit covers up to 2500 Sq ft. Area

New Super Air Purifier that Eliminates 98% of the Worst Pollution in Minutes.

  • A filterless, exciting new electronic technology for indoor air purification

The QFL "Odor & Smoke Eater/Air Purifier" Ozone Technology used by Federal Government and United Nations.

  • Eliminates odors, smoke, pollen, dust, germs, mold, pet dander, corbon monoxide, viruses and much more without chemicals
  • Provides fast relief from allergies and sinus

Imagine breathing germ free, bacteria free, virus free, allergy free, smoke free, odor free oxygen rich mountain fresh air 24 hours a day in your home/office or workplace!!!

Latest Ozone Air Purification Technology, Light weight, remote control, no installation, no collection plate to clean, no plate or filter to change and it requires no maintenance.

Additional Benefits: QOZO-500CT-12 also generates negative ions which provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce headaches, lethargy, dizziness and nausea caused by computer Cathode Ray Tube
  • Remove dust from air in a poultry hatching and reduce airborne transmission of salmonellae
  • Negative ions reduce infections and the concentration of airborne microorganisms
  • Reduce asthma & bronchial disease, aching joints, migraines, etc
  • Negative ions act as a specific antidepressant for patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Enhance sleep quality, improve alertness, concentration, reaction time, mood, etc

The following article is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community. T. Neil Davis is a seismologist with the Institute.

Evidence seems to be mounting that ion concentrations in the air do affect how people feel. Further, there is evidence that the new trend toward using computerized equipment in offices may be creating a special problem.

Outdoor air contains about a thousand positive and negative charges (ions) within each cubic centimeter. Cosmic rays coming into the earth from the sun and elsewhere break apart air molecules and thereby create much of the ionization that exists in the air. Since more cosmic rays come in at the high latitudes, the high-latitude air normally has a higher proportion of ionized air molecules or molecular clusters. However, in cities and in confined spaces such as offices, processes take place to reduce the number of ions. One important process is attachment of charge-carrying molecular clusters to pollution particles in the air. When that happens both the ions and the pollution particles tend to be swept out of the air by the electric field that exists naturally near the earth's surface.

The loss of ion concentration is thought to be harmful because it does seem that high ion concentrations do make people feel better--just why, doesn't seem to be clearly understood. High ion concentrations also apparently inhibit bacterial growth and perhaps foster plant growth. The good effects seem to be attributed to high concentrations of negative ions rather than positive ones; generally, the concentration of both types go together, except in small volumes of air perhaps only a few feet across.

Now, a new problem arises according to an article in the August 1981 issue of Mini-Micro Systems, a publication for computer buffs. The problem has to do with CRTs, the cathode ray tubes contained in video terminals and the newfangled typing stations that seem to be sprouting on desktops all over the country. In the Geophysical Institute alone I counted 70 CRTs, not including cathode ray tubes in test equipment.

The electric field caused by the positive static charge that appears on a CRT in normal operation sweeps the nearby air of negative charges, thereby depleting the negative-ion concentration in the immediate vicinity. Apparently when the ion concentration is lowered by this or any other means--air conditioning does it too--workers complain of headaches, lethargy, dizziness and nausea.

One experiment performed in England on 54 individuals at a computer site seems rather convincing. Negative-ion generators were installed, but, unknown to the persons being tested, the generators were not turned on for four weeks. During that period the negative-ion concentration was about 550 per cubic cm. A secret switching on the generators during the next eight weeks of the test raised the ion concentration to 3,500 per cubic cm, several times that found in normal outside air. After the experimenters turned on the ion generators, they found that the tested persons had fewer headaches and other complaints than before. Only five percent then said they had headaches, whereas 20 percent of the workers complained of headaches before the ion generators were turned on. The number reporting dizziness and nausea dropped by more than half, down to less than one percent.

The advanced Odor & Smoke -Eater Ozone Air Purifier is ideal for homes, cars, limousines. buses, RV's, boats, restaurants, bars, lounges, kitchens, fire restoration, flood restoration, grocery stores, hair salons, nail salons, animal hospitals, carpet cleaners, meat packing areas, hotels, motels


Model Name: 500CT-12
Ozone Output: 500mg/hr (Up to 2500 sq ft Area Coverage)
Fan Output: 52CFM
Voltage: DC12V ( AC-DC adaptor included )
Power Consumption: Less than 25W
Standard working temperature: 20 degrees
Size: 195X145X85mm
Net Weight: 1.0kg

Working Condition:
Surrounding Temperature: 5-30 degrees
Relative Humidity: less than 75%;
Air Pressure: 100 +/- 4kPa.


  1. 500CT-12 - 1
  2. AC-DC adaptor - 1
  3. Nets - 2
  4. This user's manual - 1
  5. OPA500B - 1 - Extra ozone Plate (for replacement)

1. The unit is not waterproof sealed; for indoor use only.

Please keep the machine at a place where it is not reachable by children and please unplug when you no longer need it.

For long time storage:
Surrounding Temperature: -5-40 degrees
Relative Humidity: less than 80%,
Air pressure: 100 +/- 4kPa
Please also make sure the storage room is breezy and out of caustic gas.

  1. Please do not use it within an environment with flammable gases or explosive materials.
  2. Ozone plate inside the machine contains high voltage when power is on. Please does not touch it by any means or drop anything in it. 

QFL accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused by this product or damages that may arise through its use by the purchaser or by others. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the unit is correctly installed, operated and properly maintained.


WARNING: Use only the rated voltage indicated on the product information label. The product information label is affixed on the case.

  1. Set the 500CT-12 at the centre of one side of the room, at a height of 2/3 of the room's height. (Because ozone is heaver than air.)
  2. Close the doors and windows of the room to prevent the flowing out of ozone.
  3. Plug the AC-DC adaptor to the room's AC power line and connect the machine to the DC end of it.


( 1. minutes display 2. hours display 3. mode selection 4. power ON and OFF )

4. Select the operating mode by pushing the MODE button. The No. will display on the LED. The 500CT-12 will work automatically at the selected cycle or stop itself when it gets the set time.

4.1 For Daily Air Purifying Operating Modes:
1 Automatic Modes:

N: machine is ON 30 min and then OFF 30min . Repeat......
H: machine is ON 45 min and then OFF 15min . Repeat...... 
L: 15 machine is ON 15 min and then OFF 45min . Repeat......

  1. Manual Modes:

05: machine is ON 5 min and then OFF. 24-hour cycle
10: machine is ON 10 min and then OFF. 24-hour cycle
30: machine is ON 30 min and then OFF. 24-hour cycle

  1. Cycle Modes: 

01-- machine is ON 1 hour and then OFF. 24-hour cycle
02-- machine is ON 2 hours and then OFF. 24-hour cycle
04-- machine is ON 4 hours and then OFF. 24-hour cycle
08-- machine is ON 8 hours and the OFF. 24-hour cycle 

People and pets can stay in the room while the device is working.

How to start the machine:

  1. Select the MODE, then press ON/OFF .
  2. To stop the machine, press ON/OFF


WARNING:  Unplug the electric power of the unit first before attempting to replace the ozone plate.


1. Unplug the electric power

2. Open the front cover (machine will stop when front cover is off )


Pull out the ozone plate.( 4.) Please do not use extra strength as ozone plate is easy to be broken under stress.


Put in a new ozone plate (2)smoothly. Please do keep ozone plate


The right position of the plate. Plate should be totally inserted into the terminal.


Put back the front cover (there is one direction only)


CHANGE FILTER ( filter needs to be cleaned and changed periodically )


1. Rear cover

2. Air filter


Please clean the ozone plate with a cotton stick every 3 months or when you feel there is a big drop of ozone output.

WARNING: There are extremely high voltages in ozone plate area when the machine is in operation. Never touch ozone plate when power is ON and be sure that the power plug is taken off when you do maintenance or change ozone plate.


During the one (1) year from date of purchase, if our products fail to operate functionally, it will be repaired or replaced. Components damaged by any use of the product other than for its intended function, or by the owner's failure to maintain the unit in the manner and frequency prescribed by the instructions supplied at the time of purchase, will void this coverage.