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QFL RainShowerQuest

QFL RainShowerQuest

Standard Order - Buy One

QFL RainShowerQuest - Standard Order - Buy One


Product Description

New super Shower Filter not only removes Chlorine from shower water but uses Crystalline Quartz Technology to create softer, energy enhanced shower and younger looking silk smooth skin.

The RainshowerQuest RSQ-2000 promotes healthier and younger looking skin and more manageable hair. Chlorine is reduced by the use of patented KDF 55 media that we have specially enhanced for more effective performance. The shower filter was tested according to NSF international NSF/ANSI standard 177 to 25,000 gallons.

Note: This product contains non-toxic granular filter media which is produced within the regulations of “The Drinking Water Act” (PL 99-399 of June 19, 1986). Some of the very small grains may shake out during normal shipping and handling. This is normal and does not mean that the filter is defective or damaged in any way. When the filter is wet, the grains are held together and not flushed out by the water flow while the unit is in operation.

We have placed a plastic plug on the inlet on the water filter to minimize the problem; please remove this plug before trying to install.


  • Our special Crystalline Quartz Technology: Specially cured crystals act upon the water to reduce surface tension and create softer, energy enhanced shower.
  • When used with the best flow reduction showerheads for optimal water delivery, you will save water and energy costs and enjoy the best shower experience possible.
  • RSQ 2000 filter is designed to provide long lasting performance for variety of water conditions.
  • A cleanable sediment trapping screen for longer cartridge life (see maintenance).

Do I Need A Shower Filter?

"Cancer rates for people on chlorinated water systems is 93% higher than for those on non-chlorinated water systems" U.S. Council On Environmental Quality

While everyone might not "need" a shower filter, everyone can certainly benefit from using a quality shower water filtration system.

People with respiratory problems, skin disorders or people who live on water systems that use chlorinated surface water, and most do, certainly should use shower filters.

Asthma, bronchitis, eczema and many other common ailments are very negatively affected by inhalation and absorption of chlorine and other chemicals while showering. Breast, colon and bladder cancer have all been linked to exposure to chlorine from drinking and shower water.

Shower filters also offer great cosmetic benefits. Chlorine robs the skin and hair of their natural protective oils and "friendly bacteria", causing dryness, premature aging and many other potential health and aesthetic problems.

Shower filters are easy to install, easy to use... and can be a very healthful and enjoyable addition to our daily lives.

Did you know that your body can absorb 500% to 1,000% more chlorine in a single twelve –minute shower than drinking the same tap water for a 24 hour period? Ever notice how dry your skin is after you shower and the negative effect it has on your skin, hair and hair color? The chlorine in your water is designed to attack living organic matter and we are all living organic matter!

About Chlorine:

Chlorine is an inorganic substance that chemically bonds to the protein in our hair and skin, destroying its natural ecological balance. It’s for removing stains in your laundry. However, chlorine can leave your hair dry and brittle and make your skin flaky and itchy. It can also trigger negative reactions in children, the elderly, and people with chlorine- sensitivity.

Studies have shown that for health reasons, it is best to remove chlorine from drinking water. Why not do the same with our showering water?

Filter Media

KDF 55

There are 15 ounces (466gms) of KDF media in each RSQ-2000 cartridge. As chlorinated water flows through the filter cartridge, the two dissimilar metals in KDF (copper and zinc), create a galvanic or electrolytic reaction which causes the two chlorine ions to combine with calcium in the water to form a harmless chloride. KDF dos not hold the chlorine, it changes chlorine from an element to a harmless compound, which flushes out of the filter. KDF is a non toxic filter media, which is produced within the regulations of “The Drinking Water Act” (PL 99-399 of June 19, 1986).

Crystalline Quartz

The RSQ-2000 is the world’s first shower filter to utilize specially treated virgin quartz to ‘energize” the shower experience by reducing the surface tension of the water. This increases the lathering capacity of soap and shampoo. Quartz does not soften the water but gives the water a lighter ‘feel’, similar to the feeling of softened water. Our natural crystals come to us directly from two North American high-energy crystal mines. We use specially filtered water to clean our crystals and sun dry them for maximum purity.

When to Change Your Cartridge and Housing Body

The RSQ-2000 shower filter should remove unhealthy free chlorine for a period of 6 to 7 months for the average family of four. Chlorine levels vary from city to city. If you live in an area where the source of water contains high levels of suspended solids or where scale build up in pipes is excessive, you may experience an early reduction in water flow. This may be an indication that you need to replace the cartridge more frequently than recommended 6 to 7 months. For the best results the housing body should be replaced every three years or as needed.

Specification of Housing and Filter Cartridge

Maximum pressure...........................................100 psi

Minimum pressure.............................................30 psi

Overall weight......................................20 oz...567 gms

Housing material................................................&hel